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Geoff Tate, stemmen bak låter som Silent Lucidity, Empire, Jet City Woman, I Don't Believe in Love, Eyes of a Stranger og mange andre kjente metal-hits fra 80- og 90-tallet kommer til Ørland Kultursenter 3. februar. Konserten er et akkustisk show med den amerikanske legenden.

Multi-Platinum selling, Grammy nominated singer songwriter, Geoff Tate, will embark on a world tour starting in December 2018 Highlighting songs from all 18 albums he has released over his 35 year career.

Geoff has recorded 18 studio albums throughout his 35 year career and is regarded as one of the most skilled vocalists in the rock genre with hundreds of modern popular artists siting him as a major influence. Geoff is will known for... expertly crafted lyrics combining social consciousness with high energy, melodic complex music. Geoff and his band have been internationally recognized as thinking man’s metal.

In addition to releasing 18 studio albums as the original singer of Queensryche and as a solo artist Geoff has released several live albums and has been nominated for a grammy four times. He has sold over 25 million records and performed in more than 46 countries.

Geoff will release a new album in early January 2018 called, “The New Reality” with Frontiers records. The New Reality will be part 3 of a trilogy of records following his albums, “The Key” and “Resurrection” both on Frontiers. These 3 albums comprise a story following the lead character called “H” through an epic journey accompanied by the heavy progressive music that Geoff is best known for.

Geoff will present his upcoming show all acoustically backed by a international band featuring musicians from Ireland, Scotland, Brazil and the United States. Geoff’s show will feature 3 guitars, saxophone, woodwinds, bagpipes, percussion and a few surprises to make this a high energy acoustic version of some of heavy metals most recognized songs.

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